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IRS Tax Liens, Levies, and Wage Garnishments - Tax Resolution Solutions
IRS Tax Liens, Levies, and Wage Garnishments

IRS Tax Liens, Levies, and Wage Garnishments


The IRS is one of the most aggressive and powerful debt collectors in the country. If you owe back taxes, the IRS will do whatever it takes to collect from you, including putting liens on your business and personal property, levying your property, emptying your bank accounts and garnishing your wages. At Fabisch Law, our Tax Attorneys will help you understand your rights and the options that are available to help you resolve your tax debt.

If you have received a tax lien or notice of levy or garnishment from the IRS, don’t wait to seek experienced legal counsel. You have only 30 days to protect your assets. The lawyers at Insight Law will immediately begin working with the IRS toward a resolution.

Get Relief From Tax Levies and Wage Garnishments

When a taxpayer loses in tax court, the IRS starts the collections process, which begins with a letter stating that taxes are owed. If no action is taken by the taxpayer, the collector’s efforts get much more aggressive and could include levies, liens and garnishments.

  • Liens: If you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes, a lien will automatically come into effect against all of the property that you own, including your home, car, bank accounts and business property.
  • Levies and garnishments: The IRS has the power to seize any of your property or garnish your wages to satisfy your debts. A court order is not needed in most cases.

Liens and levies could have a disastrous impact on your credit and your ability to run your business. However, you do have options. The IRS usually sends a letter notifying you of a levy, lien or garnishment. You have 30 days to take action or you will lose the right to protect your assets.

Our Tax Lawyers will take immediate action to prevent or stop levies, garnishments and liens. If a levy or wage garnishment is causing you significant hardship, we can negotiate with the IRS to stop it or reduce the amount being collected. We will explore other options such as starting a payment plan, negotiating an offer in compromise or pursuing innocent spouse relief. In some cases, bankruptcy may also be an option.

If the IRS has send you a notice saying they are going to garnish your wages or levy your accounts and you need help, contact us online or call us at 401-324-9344 to make an appointment.

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