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Payroll Tax Problems - Tax Resolution Solutions
Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Problems

If you owe Payroll Taxes, you are in danger of losing your business…….

The IRS Doesn’t Care About
Your Financial Problems
They Just Want You to Pay Your Payroll Taxes!

The IRS doesn’t care if you can’t pay your employees. They don’t care if they put your employees out on the street. They don’t care if you can’t collect your receivables. They don’t care if one of your largest and best customers just went “belly-up”. They don’t care if we’re still in the grips of the Great Recession. All they care about is you have money that
belongs to them and they will do whatever they have to, even put you out of business, to collect it. They don’t care who you are, or even what business you are in!

Penalties for failing to file and pay your payroll taxes are the “kiss of death” for any small business owner. They tack on penalties totaling 33% in just the first 16 days! And it doesn’t stop there. The IRS adds interest on top of the penalties too. It is not uncommon that a payroll tax liability doubles in short order. And if you don’t pay them or work something out, they will shut you down! It’s much less work for the Revenue Officer to simply close you down than work out an arrangement with you.

If your business has been threatened by the IRS contact us online or call us at 401-324-9344 to make an appointment.

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